Liat Ben-Moshe is an activist-scholar-educator-researcher working at the intersection of incarceration, decarceration, abolition and disability/madness. Her work aims to expand what counts as incarceration to include all carceral locales (including residential institutions for people with intellectual disabilities, psych facilities and prisons/jails) and to connect deinstitutionalization, disability and mad movements to prison abolition activism through an intersectional lens.

"Decarcerating Disability is a groundbreaking feminist study of the affinities, interrelations, and contradictions between prison abolition and psychiatric deinstitutionalization. Emphasizing the need for a more expansive field of critical carceral studies, Liat Ben-Moshe compellingly demonstrates the important lessons we can discover through serious engagements with radical disability movements. Scholars and activists alike should read this book without delay!"

 - Angela Y. Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Provocative, original, and timely, this collection reveals inextricable links between disability and incarceration. Each study of confinement places disability in sustained dialogue with broader forces and identities, including race, gender, sexuality and class. Accessible prose and collaborative projects attest to the transformative power of activist scholarship."

- Susan Burch, Associate Professor of American Studies and former director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, Middlebury College, USA

“This book reaches beyond the scope of strategies-focused compliance with the ADA, and through initially positioning chapters that disrupt able-ist curriculum and pedagogy, the editors emphasize socially responsible curriculum and universally accessible design….. The overall effect is that the reader is not immediately focused on compliance with the bare-minimum of federal policy, and is instead treated, first, to the ideas of those who think beyond compliance."

- Susan Baglieri, Teachers College, Columbia University

Upcoming/Recent Events 

Chicago's Fierce Feminist Book Party with Liat Ben-Moshe, Ghassan Moussawi, Nicole Nguyen, Sekile M. Nzinga, A. Naomi Paik, moderated by Nadine Naber. Captioned and ASL interpreted (July 24 2020) 


Virtual conversation with Liat Ben-Moshe, Dean Spade and Erica Meiners in celebration of Decarcerating Disabilityhosted by Women and Children First Bookstore. Captioned and ASL interpreted  (June 12 2020) 

Image of Liat Ben Moshe sitting next to a bookshelf filled with books. Liat is sitting to the right of the image. She is a white presenting woman with short red hair and glasses. She is wearing a royal blue shirt. The bookshelf to the left of her is showcasing one of her books, "Disability Incarcerated."


Liat Ben-Moshe, PhD


Criminology, Law and Justice 

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